Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Story: Kwame Asare Boadu, Kumasi

PLASTIC waste management which has been one of the major challenges facing city authorities in Kumasi in their bid to ensure environmental cleanliness has received a boost with the decision by a private company to purchase the waste.
The waste would eventually be sold to local plastic waste recycling industries.
‘Do Something New Company Limited’, the company situated in Kumasi, is currently buying between 40 and 100 tons of plastic waste monthly.
Mrs Agnes Eyiah-Mensah, Director of Finance and Administration of the company, told the Daily Graphic that by engaging in the purchase of plastic waste, the company was vigorously supporting efforts to improve the lives of the people.
She said the exercise would also help reduce diseases like cholera and malaria.
Mrs Eyiah-Mensah further stated that the purchase of the plastic waste served as a source of employment for many people who made some reasonable amount of money by collecting and selling the waste to the company.
Presently, she said, a number of people, mainly the youth, were collecting and selling the waste to the company, and were paid promptly.
She said the company had set up offices in Kumasi, Tema, Takoradi and Techiman purposely to purchase plastic waste, and noted that the exercise would be spread to other areas of the country to enable as many people as possible to get employment.
The director said they were seeking partners outside the country for the export of plastic waste.
Mrs Eyiah-Mensah said the company had plans to enter recycling of plastic waste.
She emphasised the importance the government attached to the growth of private industries.
Mrs Eyiah-Mensah said as part of the other activities being undertaken by her outfit, an agreement had been entered into with the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) to out-source depot labourers for the company.


Cyril said...


I'd like to know if it is possible to have the contact of the company, I'm very interrested on their project..

Ellis Amuzu said...

Hi, I'd also like to know if it is possible to have the contact of the company, I'm very interrested on their project.ASAP!

Christiane Dettelbacher said...

Hi, I'm also interessted in the contact of the company. I would have a huge source of plastic waste for them.