Sunday, June 22, 2008


THE Ashanti Regional Secretariat of the Convention People's Party (CPP) has called on the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party to institute disciplinary action against Mr F.A. Jantuah over his statements calling on the party's flag bearer to resign if he could not test a Serious Fraud Office finding against him in court.
According to the secretariat, the statement was against the party's constitution and should, therefore, not be allowed to die a natural death.
A press statement signed by the Regional Secretary of the party, Mr Akwasi Bosompem Boateng, said the regional secretariat had disassociated itself from Mr Jantuah's statement, which it described as “hypocritical and selfish, calculated to pull the flag bearer down”.
It stated that Mr Jantuah seemed frustrated and confused, and alleged that from all indications some disgruntled big party people were sponsoring the veteran CPP member.
The statement pointed out that there were some people in the party who saw Dr Nduom as a threat to their political careers and were bent on running him down.
“We also know that such so-called Nkrumaists are not organising the plot alone, but have joined hands with elements of certain opposition political parties to destroy the image and reputation of Dr Nduom, and block the CPP from winning the 2008 general election,” it said.
The Ashanti CPP said it was unfortunate that people who claimed to be true party members could go that length to destroy their own flag bearer at a time victory seemed to be on sight for the party.
“We still believe that Dr Nduom remains the best and capable personality within the Nkrumaists to push the CPP to the ‘Promised Land’ this December,” the statement said.
It, therefore, called on true sons and daughters of the party to brush aside the lies being peddled about Dr Nduom and work to support the party for victory in December.
The secretariat affirmed their fullest support for Dr Nduom and the national leadership of the party and informed Ghanaians and especially members of the party that there was nothing that could stop Dr Nduom from contesting the December polls.

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