Monday, August 31, 2009


THE National House of Chiefs (NHC) has completed the first batch of the codification of lines of succession of stools and skins in the country.
The list, which is to be presented to Parliament for approval when the House resumes sitting, is expected to minimise chieftaincy disputes.
Addressing the general meeting of the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi, the President of the NHC, Naa Prof. John S. Nabila, said the codification has been clearly defined and was, therefore, hopeful that there would not be any misunderstanding when it is being considered by Parliament for ratification.
He said the Standing Orders of the house would soon be reviewed and the codification of lines of succession to stools and skins would also be continued in due course.
Naa Prof. Nabila noted that the misconceptions about chieftaincy had arisen from chieftaincy disputes and other related matters and said the house was determined to work to erase the negative impressions.
He stated that chiefs had over the years played very important roles in national development and ensured that peace reigned in the communities.
“But for chiefs, this country would have been burnt,” he said, and added that much depended on them as chiefs not to undermine one another but move together to fight the evils in the society.
Naa Prof. Nabila disclosed that the Konrad Adenuer Foundation had promised to assist the NHC come out with an in-house journal that would portray the activities of the house.
He acknowledged the importance of taxes to national development and said that informed the house to collaborate with the revenue agencies to organise a workshop on taxation for chiefs recently.
Naa Prof. Nabila noted that chiefs played important roles in improving the tax culture, and pledged that they would continue to play their roles effectively.
The President of the NHC impressed on the revenue agencies to insist on internal control mechanisms that would ensure sanity in the tax system.

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