Sunday, November 9, 2008


THE Director-General of Police in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Frank Adu-Poku, has asked politicians to leave him out of the politics of the Bekwai Constituency in the Ashanti Region.
He expressed regret at moves by some people within the NPP in the region to link him to the camp of the Independent Candidate for Bekwai, Mr Joe Osei-Wusu.
"I respect my office and I cannot stoop that low by joining forces with Mr Joe Osei-Wusu to fight his political cause," he told the Daily Graphic from his base in Accra.
He said he had not associated himself with even the candidate of the ruling government, and asked how he could move to join the independent candidate.
He noted that those who were spreading the lies would only be doing it for some sinister motives.
DCOP Adu-Poku said even though he is a citizen of Bekwai, he had decided to stay clear of the politics going on in the area because of his position as a serving officer.
"I occupy a very important position in the Police Service and my duty is to serve my nation and not a politician who is looking for political power", he said.
He cautioned people who only wanted to run down innocent and hardworking people in order to gain some favours elsewhere to desist from that behaviour.
He recalled the disturbances that took place at Bekwai as a result of the demonstration by supporters of Mr Osei-Wusu and questioned how he could support people to cause mayhem in his own area.
He reminded those who were moving to spoil his name that one day they would be exposed.
Mr Adu-Poku pointed out that Bekwai deserved better and not politics that would draw back the development of the area.

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