Thursday, November 13, 2008


THE Ashanti Regional branch of the National Road Safety Commission has held a regional road safety week in various parts of the region with a call on passengers to report reckless drivers to the road safety authorities for the necessary action to be taken against them.
The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the commission, Mr Kwaku Oware-Boateng, who made the call to mark the occasion, expressed concern about the rate at which innocent lives were being lost through road accidents and blamed drivers for most of them.
The celebration was marked with various activities including quizzes for schools, radio discussions, a road safety walk in Kumasi and road safety campaigns in churches and mosques.
Mr Oware-Boateng said the theme for the celebration: “Ensuring accident-free election 2008”, was appropriate because Ghana needed her citizens to participate in the election.
After giving statistics on how accident rates went up during election periods, Mr Oware-Boateng said, “This is a very serious case which must be tackled head on”.
Mr Oware-Boateng said it was important to “catch the young ones with the message on road safety” so that they would grow with it.
“That is why we decided to organise the quizzes for schools in the region”, he added.
Mr Oware-Boateng urged the youth to send the message to their parents.
The road safety walk also attracted very good participation. The participants carried placards some of which read: “Speeding kills”, “As drivers avoid drinking”, “Fasten your seat belts” and “Don’t abuse mobile phone while driving”.
Addressing Christians and Muslims in churches and mosques, Mr Oware-Boateng urged the religious bodies to use the pulpits to spread the message on road safety to their congregations.

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