Tuesday, February 17, 2009


THE Concerned Muslim Forum, a human rights organisation in Kumasi, has organised a demonstration in Kumasi against the human rights abuses going on in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
According to the group, the demonstration became necessary because in a globalised village “we cannot afford to remain oblivious of what happens to fellow Muslims in that part of the world”.
They pointed out with regret that basic human rights were constantly abused in Iran in the form of unfair trials, executions and amputations in the name of Islam.
The demonstrators carried placards some of which read “away with human rights abuses,” “no discrimination against women” and “The Iranian government should be responsible enough”.
They marched from the Asawasi M/A School Park and ended up at Aboabo where the spokesman for the group, Mr Hamdawei Awal, read out a statement to journalists.
He said it had become clear that students in Iran were suffering from systematic repression of basic human rights in the pursuit of their academic careers.
“The very imposition of a dress code upon the female segment of the student population in Iran is a show of hypocrisy contrary to the basic belief that Allah does not look at the outward appearance but in the heart and the sincerity therein,” he said.
Mr Awal stated that some Ghanaian Muslim women who visited Iran recently realised shockingly that women in that country were denied the voice to air their grievances in the face of the harsh treatments against them.
“Constant arrest and repression are their lot,” he said, and added that it was important that the situation was reversed.
Mr Awal said Ghana had chosen to live under a constitution based on freedom and the rule of law.
“We deem these to be in tandem with the true Islamic values and call on the Iranian authorities to learn from us,” he added.

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