Friday, October 23, 2009


THE Kumasi Office of the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) has placed a ban on 10 vehicles, including 207 Benz buses and Urvan mini buses, from using the road.
 This followed an exercise conducted by the DVLA Task Force in conjunction with the Police Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) in Kumasi over the weekend.
During the exercise the vehicles, some of which had their rear brakes disconnected, were found to be unsafe for use on the road.
The exercise was to check illegal driving and the use of unsafe vehicles.
 In all, the task force observed 165 commercial and private vehicles, and their drivers.
 The Ashanti Regional Licensing Officer, Mr N.T. Matey, who led the exercise, said the drivers and owners of the 10 prohibited vehicles had been asked to put them in good shape before they would be allowed back on the road.
 He said after the vehicles had been reconditioned, the DVLA would examine them and give the green light before allowing them to operate.
 Mr Matey said the issue of defective brakes was a major concern to the DVLA and gave the assurance that with the co-operation of the police the DVLA would do everything possible to bring the situation under control.
 He, therefore, asked drivers and car owners to do what was right and remember that human lives were precious than the vehicles they used.

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