Sunday, April 18, 2010


THE Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has placed a ban on funerals held on major streets in the metropolis.
The ban came as residents and non-residents alike complained about the continuous use of the roads for funerals and their attendant inconveniences to them.
The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Assembly, Mr Clement Kigeri, told the Daily Graphic that all the sub-metropolitan councils had been informed of the directive for compliance.
He said the KMA Chief Executive, Mr Samuel Sarpong, was very serious about the directive and was ready to ensure that officials of sub-metros who failed to implement the decision will face the necessary sanctions.
“Mr Sarpong wants the best for Kumasi and he will ensure that sanity is brought into the management of the metropolis,” he said.
Mr Kigeri said the assembly took the decision, taking into consideration the numerous complaints from residents about the use of the roads for funerals.
Kumasi is notorious for blockage of roads for funerals. On a typical day, a suburb could have almost all its major roads used for funerals.
The practice takes place all days but it is most prevalent on Saturdays and Sundays.
This creates serious problems for vehicular movement as drivers sometimes have to make long detours to get to their destinations.
“We are disturbed about situations where a street like the Bantama High Street is blocked for funerals.
“In such a situation, so much inconvenience is caused to motorists and passengers and this cannot be allowed to continue,” the PRO said.
Mr Kigeri said much as the assembly appreciated how the people valued funerals, it would not allow the situation where funerals prevented the free movement of vehicles.
He expressed the hope that bereaved families would bear with the assembly and find alternative places for their funerals.
He, however, explained that the directive did not affect streets in purely residential areas.
“These residential streets are not busy and the organisation of funerals on them can be contained,” he added.

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