Friday, April 23, 2010


Techiman Universal Stars have called on the Diciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association to declare them winners in their abortive Zone 1A DOL match against Guan United at Tamale.
They accused supporters of the home team of attacking them before the match, resulting in injuries to five of their players.
Alhaji Iddrissu Amadu, CEO of Universal Stars, who made the appeal through the Graphic Sports in Kumasi alleged that supporters of the home team attacked them with bicycle chains, before the start of the game and in the process five of their players were rushed to the hospital for treatment.
Alhaji Iddrissu said Universal Stars arrived at the venue for the match at about 2pm, only to meet supporters of the home team who started threatened them.
He said the dressing room was locked by the supporters and when they demanded the keys to the facility, the angry supporters pounced on them, adding that the team had to seek refuge at the Police Station.
According to the CEO, when the Police escorted the team back to the venue of the match at 2.45pm, they made a complaint to the Match Commissioner because the situation was still tensed.
He said under that difficult situation there was no way any visiting team could play a match.
He said it is against this background that Universal Stars are urging the Disciplinary Committee to take a critical look at the events and give a fair judgement which he believes should be in favour of his team.

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