Monday, January 10, 2011

DR MAHAMA CAN'T CONTEST FIFTH TIME...PNC Regional Chairmen (PAGE 12, JAN 10, 2011)

ANY intention of four-time People’s National Convention (PNC) presidential candidate, Dr Edward Nasigri Mahama, to lead the party again, in the 2012 presidential election, is bound to receive the stiffest opposition yet in his political career.
Last Saturday, Regional Chairmen of the party resolved to use all legitimate means to stop him from contesting the party’s flag bearer position again, accusing him of being the cause of the party’s non performance and inactivity.
They pointed out that Dr Mahama, backed by “some moribund party executive members,” was making all moves to lead the party in the 2012 elections against the letter and spirit of the party’s constitution.
At an emergency meeting in Kumasi, the Chairman of the committee of regional chairmen, Mr Thomas Akum-Yong, accused Dr Mahama of being the brain behind the wrangling in the party, and said, “His cup is full”.
Mr Akum-Yong, who is also the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the PNC, said per the constitution of the party, Dr Mahama was barred from re-contesting the flag bearer position, explaining that the PNC constitution was clear that one could be the party’s flag bearer only twice.
However, Dr Mahama had managed to circumvent the constitution to lead the party four times.
He, therefore, called on all true party members to join hands to put the party in shape to enable it to take part in the 2012 elections with all seriousness.
The Kumasi meeting, which was attended by some regional executive members across the country, deliberated on recent developments in the party and how to resolve them to enable the party prepare adequately for the next elections.
The Regional Chairmen, in a communiqué, proposed a meeting of the Council of Elders and the Regional Chairmen to constitute an interim management committee to run the affairs of the party and prepare it for congress.
They also called on the Council of Elders to take immediate steps to get a member of the party, Ahmed Agadi alias Jato, who was arrested in connection with the rumpus in the party, released from custody.
Again, the Regional Chairmen called on the affected national officers to submit themselves to the Council of Elders for the resolution of the crisis.
Giving a breakdown of the party’s output since the fourth Republic, he said in 1992 when Dr Hilla Limann contested the presidential elections, the PNC won 6.7 per cent of the total votes cast nation-wide.
However, when Dr Mahama took over the flag bearer position, the party receiving 3.0 per cent of the votes in 1996, 2.9 per cent in 2000, 1.9 per cent in 2004 and 0.87 per cent in 2008.
The Regional Chairmen accused some of the “former” national executive, led by the National Chairman of inactivity saying, “They are only interested in pursuing the agenda of the NDC and NPP”.

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