Friday, January 7, 2011


AN international preacher and founder of Liberty Global Christian Church, Bishop Prince Hampel, has called on the country’s politicians to place the interest of the nation above their political parties and personal interests.
He said too much attention seemed to be focused on the work of the political parties at the neglect of the various sectors of national development.
In a New Year message, Bishop Hampel said, “Our leaders must think about the nation first before their political parties and their pockets.”
He expressed regret about the over-politicisation of every issue in the country, pointing out that the practice was counter-productive because it did not allow for objective analysis of events.
Bishop Hampel emphasised that Ghana needed faithful leaders to make the oil find benefit the entire nation.
“Ghana should therefore pray for faithful leaders to be able to convert the oil find into real development,” he said.
The Bishop, however, indicated that the oil itself should not be seen as panacea for resolving the economic challenges of the nation.
“Only God can move this nation forward so it is important that we all give our everything to Him,” he stressed.
Bishop Hampel noted that if Ghanaians depended on God, more economic resources could be discovered for the benefit of the nation.
He was confident that Ghana could enjoy a better 2011 if all did the right things.

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