Monday, July 7, 2008


By Kwame Asare Boadu, Kumasi

There is a serious abuse of facilities at the Baba Yara Stadium by fans who patronise matches there.
Investigations by Graphic Nsempa revealed that, some of the fans go to the extent of defecating in the stands much to the chagrin of the managers of the stadium, the National Sports Council (NSC).
Others also urinate in empty plastic bottles and dump them in the stands.
Many others who also refuse to use the washrooms decide to urinate on the walls and in other open places.
“It is an eyesore”, a staff of the NSC told me at the stadium last Friday.
According to him, the teams that use the facility must educate their supporters to discipline themselves when they watch matches at the stadium.
The two teams that play their home matches at the stadium are Asante Kotoko and King Faisal.
The stadium also recently hosted a World Cup qualifying match between the Black Stars and Libya, which was fairly patronised.
It was put up at a high cost to the government and the situation could defeat the very purpose for which the facility was built.
In fact, the Baba Yara Stadium is considered one of the beautiful stadia in Africa, and Ghanaians have a duty to maintain it.
Zoomlion, the giant waste management company, has been contracted to clean the stadium.
They have been doing a very good work but the activities of the fans could be a source of concern to the workers of the company.
There is also the need for the patriotic ones amongst the fans, not to hesitate to cause the arrest of those who engage in such shameful acts.

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