Wednesday, July 16, 2008


THE Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has complained about alleged preferential treatment given to the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) by the police over parking rights in the Kumasi metropolis.
The GPRTU said as a result of the situation, it continued to lose passengers to the MMT, a situation that was slowly killing the union’s business.
In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Kumasi, the Secretary of the Kumasi-Accra mini bus branch of the GPRTU at Asafo, Mr Darko Mensah, said while the MMT buses were allowed to use the road as loading points, the same opportunity was not extended to the GPRTU or any other private transport union.
“Any of our vehicles that park on the road to pick passengers is arrested,” he said, adding, “This is selective justice” and therefore called for a level playing field.
Mr Darko Mensah said if the rule of law was to work in the country, then it must apply to all people.
While welcoming the introduction of the MMT into the system, he said their operation should not be at the disadvantage of the others.
Mr Darko Mensah also spoke against the extension of the MMT’s operations outside the metropolises and the major towns, thus defeating the purpose for which they were introduced.
The secretary attributed the growing rate of accidents to the proliferation of driver unions in the country.
He stated that while the GPRTU insisted on professionalism on the part of drivers, some of the unions neglected it, bringing on board unqualified drivers to take charge of vehicles.
According to him, for over 10 years now, his outfit had never had a single accident, which indicated the professional competence of the union’s drivers.
Mr Darko Mensah said most accidents could be attributed to the fault of drivers.
He, therefore, challenged drivers to bring professional competence to bear on their activities.

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