Monday, July 7, 2008


By Kwame Asare Boadu, Kumasi

THE founder of King Faisal Babies F/C, Alhaji Karim Gruzah, has stated that the national award he received last Thursday would propel him to take a leading role in reviving juvenile football in the country.
He expressed regret that juvenile football was almost dead in the country, and said, as a pace-setter in that area, he would take up the challenge to revive the sport.
“I love juvenile football because that is where everything starts”, he told Graphic Nsempa in an interview last Friday.
Gruzah was among a number of personalities who were honoured by the nation at the national awards ceremony in Accra.
He received the Order of the Volta (Grand Medal) from President Kufuor.
Alhaji Gruzah said, “I have juvenile football in my blood and I think I have to put it to the full advantage of my nation”.
He noted how in the past the Manyhia Palace Park in Kumasi and other centres in Accra were awash with juvenile football.
“But what we see today is the direct opposite, and those of us with interest in the game must start something”, he said.
Alhaji Gruzah is credited with nurturing a number of players from the juvenile division to stardom in Kumasi.
He said if the nation were able to catch the players young, the future would be very bright for national football.
He has been in football for over 47 years and believes the award he received from President Kufuor was a testimony of the valuable services he had rendered to his nation.
Even though the Alhaji lacks formal education, he possesses a natural gift in administration, something, which have seen him managing his club, King Faisal effectively over the years.
Gruzah is a fierce critic of maladministration and injustice in football administration at the national level.
He stated that Ghana football deserved better and promised to remain an impartial critic of the system.
He commended President Kufuor for recognising his achievements in football in the country.

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