Friday, November 6, 2009


THE new Ashanti Regional Manager of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Mr Afrifa Yamoa-Ponkoh, has called on managers and staff of the various schemes in the region to ensure honesty in their activities.
He said the people would derive maxium benefits from the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) when those managing the schemes worked with dedication and honesty.
In an interview with the Daily Grapic just after he officially assumed office as the regional manager, Mr Yamoa-Ponkoh said the Government had so far shown commitment to the development of the scheme to another height, and that must be complemented with hard work from its operators.
He promised to take “immediate action” against corrupt practices in the operations of the health insurance scheme in the region.
Expressing regret about alleged financial mismanagement in some of the schemes in the region, Mr Yamoa-Ponkoh said, “I am here to ensure that things are put right for the people to derive the best services from us”.
He stated that the scheme was very dear to the heart of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and would, therefore, not allow any selfish individuals to run it down.
“The Government is determined to ensure that the people derived the expected results from the scheme and we in management positions must work towards making this a reality,” he stressed.
Mr Yamoa-Ponkoh stated that a healthy nation was made up of a healthy people, adding, “Therefore anything concerning health delivery needs to be taken seriously”.
He reiterated the Government’s determination to introduce the one-time premium, saying, “It will surely come to pass”.
The regional manager, who is a firebrand member of the NDC in the Ashanti Region, said his political activities would not disrupt his new position.
“I will reshuffle my activities to ensure that my political activities do not take over my new position,” he emphasised.
On a recent allegation made in some private newspapers suggesting that he infected a woman with the HIV virus, Mr Yamoa-Ponkoh said he took a serious view of the allegation and at the appropriate time he would initiate action against his accusers.
He said he kept quiet on the allegation for a while because he had just been appointed to his new position.
“I don’t understand why this unfounded story was thrown out just after I was appointed to my current position?”
“It was purely political and they will have to prove where I was tested HIV positive,” Mr Yamoa-Ponkoh added..

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