Wednesday, November 18, 2009


THE College of Art and Social Sciences of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (CASS-KNUST), has entered into partnership with the Ghana Association of Bankers to carry out training programmes for staff of the banks.
As part of the partnership, the association has established a 40,000 Chair at the college to cover a period of two years renewable depending on the success of the programme.
Prof. Dr Dr Daniel Buor, Provost of the College told the Daily Graphic that the training programmes would sharpen the skills of the banking staff to enable them to provide quality services for the people.
Speaking after the 25th intra college public lecture of CASS-KNUST, the Provost said the college was well positioned to partner industry to grow and contribute positively to national development.
Prof. Dr Dr Buor said through the linkage with the Association of
Bankers, the college had purchased a brand new pick up to facilitate the programme.
He urged the industry to continue to have faith in the college saying “we have the expertise to take them through programmes and activities that would change their fortunes for the better”.
The Provost indicated that the college had plans to assist staff of the banks to enrol in various programmes of study within the college.
“This is possible if we get a pre-university course for the staff who do not have university education,” he said.
Prof. Dr Dr Buor stated that the KNUST Business School, which formed part of the college, had been the most attractive area of study in the university.
“We will continue to grow the Business School to enable it provide the right education to the people,” he added.
The Provost appealed to the government and the corporate world to help equip laboratories in the KNUST that were in deplorable conditions.
Earlier, the Provost had told the public lecture that, academic development was a two-way affair stressing that both the lecturer and the student needed to play their part effectively in that respect.
Another speaker at the lecture was Prof. Susan Bandoni Muench, Associate Professor at the Department of Biology åof the State University of New York at Geneseo, United States.

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