Friday, December 4, 2009


IT was double agony in court for an accounts officer of the Ghana Post Company in Kumasi who stole GH¢87,000 from the company to build a house in his home town.
Apart from sentencing the officer, Adjei Manu, to 10 years’ imprisonment in hard labour, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Circuit Court also ordered the seizure of the said house and its subsequent handing over to the company.
Mr Adjei Frimpong, presiding, did not take kindly to the explanation by Manu that he had used the money to build the house for his family.
The judge quoted from the Criminal Code that no one should benefit from a crime and consequently ordered the seizure of the house and its subsequent handing over to the company.
Manu pleaded not guilty to the charge of embezzlement of state funds but after the trial the prosecution was able to prove its case.
According to the prosecution, between April and December 2008 an internal audit was conducted at the Kumasi office of the company.
The audit revealed that Manu had misappropriated the amount.
Company officials, therefore, lodged a complaint with the police, leading to Manu’s arrest.

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