Tuesday, December 8, 2009


THREE armed robbers who undertook one of the most callous robberies in recent times have been sentenced to 100 years’ imprisonment each by the Kumasi Circuit Court for conspiracy and robbery.
The convicts tied their victim to a tree and wrapped his mouth and nose with Sellotape, leaving him to suffocate to death.
Prosecutors described the sentence as the biggest for any robbery case by any court in the country in recent times.
Daniel Domfeh, alias Frenchman, 18, Daniel Dumonu, alias Ntikuma, 25, and Edward Arthur, alias Ebo, 25, were earlier this year jailed 27 years each by the Kumasi High Court for various robberies. This means they would be serving 127 years each in jail.
The judge described the robbers as devil incarnates who were not fit to live in society.
“You have to be in confinement for you are not fit to live among right thinking people,” Mr Amo Yartey said.
Prosecuting, Assistant State Attorney, Ms Anita Wase, told the court that the complainant in the case was the owner of a Hyundai Pony taxi with registration number AS 2725–09 driven by his deceased nephew, Bashiru Mohammed.
The prosecutor, who was led by Mr Emmanuel Otoo Wilson, also an Assistant State Prosecutor, said on March 29, 2009, Domfeh and Dumonu boarded the taxi at the main Mampong Lorry Station to Boanim, near Mampong.
Arthur joined the vehicle at Mprim Junction and on the way the convicts ordered the driver to turn off the ignition.
The prosecutor said after turning off the ignition, Arthur took control of the vehicle and the other two robbers subjected the driver to severe beating until he became helpless.
The robbers then wrapped the deceased’s mouth and nose with Sellotape and tied him to a tree while they bolted in the taxi.
A report was made to the police, who conducted a search for the taxi and the deceased.
According to the prosecutor, the driver was later found dead at where they tied him to the tree and his remains were conveyed to the Mampong Hospital for autopsy.
The post-mortem report said the deceased died from severe polytrauma from alleged assault and haemorrhagic shock.
The prosecutor said Domfeh took the taxi to Suame Magazine for repairs but one of the mechanics at the place who recognised the vehicle as belonging to the complainant raised an alarm and caused the arrest of Domfeh.
Domfeh then led the police to arrest the two others.

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