Tuesday, December 29, 2009


KESSBEN F/C are set to report Real Tamale United (RTU) to the Premier League Board (PLB) and the FA for setting fire in their dressing room of the Anane Boateng Stadium at Abrankese during last Sunday’s Glo Premier League match.
The fire, allegedly set before the start of the game, kept burning under the tight guard of some men linked to RTU.
“It is amazing that in this 21st Century a premier league club can go to that level in the name of juju,” Frederick Acheampong, head of communications of Kessben FC, told the Graphic Sports yesterday.
“They used firewood and charcoal to set up the fire, which kept burning till the end of the game which they lost 0-2.
“In fact, there was smoke all over the inner area of the Anane Boateng Stadium, and breathing became difficult,” Mr Acheampong said.
According to him, this happened in the full glare of the match commissioner and stated that “Kessben have a good case to report the conduct of RTU to the authorities.”
He said this was a case that should not be allowed to die, stressing that if supporters of Kessben had reacted, it would have been a different story.
Mr Acheampong called on the PLB and the FA to be hard on indiscipline and other acts that could tarnish the image of the league.
RTU supporters were also said to have gone on rampage after the match and caused damage to property at the Stadium.
Mr Acheampong said the rampaging supporters caused damage to the glass windows at the stadium.
“It was hell and I think the FA must come in to ensure that the perpetrators are punished, “ the communications director said.
The 25,000 all seater stadium had put the club on a high pedestal and the stadium had become a fortress for the club this year winning five matches and losing just one of the six matches played there.
Mr Acheampong stated that people had to run helter skelter as the RTU supporters went berserk inside and outside the stadium.
Kessben FC, by last Sunday’s victory, maintained their pole position on the league table with three points ahead of closest challengers, Berekum Arsenal.

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