Monday, September 27, 2010


Ghana needs a vibrant judicial service to advance Ghana’s democracy and not the resignation of the Chief Justice as some politicians are calling for.
Foundation For True Justice, a non governmental organisation (NGO) in Kumasi devoted to fighting corruption and abuses in institutions, has consequently called on the Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, to withstand the current pressures, and resist all attempts from any political quarters to resign her position.
A press statement signed by the founder of the organisation, Okesseku Minta-Afari, said Ghana was blessed for having a competent Chief Justice in Justice Wood and therefore commended her for her remarkable performance as the first female Chief Justice of Ghana.
The statement called for support from political parties, civil society, private sector and, indeed, all Ghanaians for the judiciary to enable it perform its constitutional duties.
It noted there was nothing wrong with cleaning the judiciary as mentioned by the NDC National Chairman, Dr Kwabena Adjei.
“But the political twist, which the NDC boss and other members of the party gave to such an important point, leaves much to be desired,” he added.
“It looks like anything good in this country has been politicised by the NDC and NPP and if care is not taken, these two political parties will bring our hard won democracy to an end,” it said.
It said it was important for the government not to pay any attention to Dr Adjei’s statement but to focus on areas that would accelerate the pace of development of the nation.
The organisation challenged the judiciary to play to the rules of the game and not allow people to suspect wrong doings within their ranks.
It stated that if the judiciary were corrupted, Ghana’s democracy would be in danger of losing its image.
“Judges, therefore, owe it a duty to perform their duties with integrity, honesty and fairness without fear or favour to create an enviable image for the judiciary,” the statement said.

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