Tuesday, March 9, 2010


ON the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the restoration of the Ashanti Confederacy, the Graphic Nsempa, by courtesy of the Manhyia Museum in Kumasi, brings to our cherished readers historical and exciting pictures of King Prempeh I and his successor, King Prempeh II, whose reigns as Asantehene, were associated with the breakdown and restoration of the confederacy.
The Ashanti Confederacy suffered a jolt in 1900, when King Prempeh I was exiled to the Seychelles Islands after the British Forces overpowered the Ashantis in the 1900 War.
However, when King Prempeh II ascended the Golden Stool in 1935, the Confederacy was restored.

How Otumfuo Agyeman Prempeh II swore at the Restoration of Asante Confederacy
I swear, oh my people, great in battle and sound in judgment, wise in counsel, sweet in friendship.
I swear by the great Asante Stool, the Golden Stool.
I swear by our love in sincerity and respect for me as an occupant of that stool.
I swear by the great sprits of my ancestors by whose spirits I wish to guide you.
That I will always do your will and try to maintain peace, harmony, and concord among you, asking all the blessing of all the great spirits of the departed for you.
I will never go to my left neither to my right.
I will never go behind or lean towards governments for my own sake.
Nay, I will never deceive you, but will always walk straight with you, even unto the jaws of death.
Dated: Thursday, 31st January, 1935.
By King Prempeh II.

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