Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Mr Thomas Akum-Yong, has said Mr Henry Asante, an executive member of the party, would be brought before the National Executive Committee to explain his reason for a statement he allegedly made that the PNC would support the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the event of a run-off in the December elections.
Mr Akum-Yong said if found to have overstepped his bounds, Mr Asante should face disciplinary action from the NEC.
“We need to be careful about people of Mr Asante’s calibre in the party, because they can draw us back,” he told the Daily Graphic yesterday.
Mr Asante was said to have made the statement in a solidarity message he delivered on behalf of his party at the 16th annual national delegates conference of the NPP at Sekondi over the weekend.
However, Mr Akum-Yong, who is also the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the PNC, said the party could not sit down for any member to overstep his bounds, especially when statements such as the one from Mr Asante could put the PNC in a bad light.
“This is a serious statement that we cannot allow to die naturally,” Mr Akum-Yong said.
Mr Akum-Yong maintained that nowhere did the party meet to take any such decision as portrayed by Mr Asante.
The regional chairman was of the conviction that the PNC was capable of clinching victory in the 2008 elections.
He questioned what the NPP had done to receive the support of the PNC in an election.
Mr Akum-Yong stated that whoever thought that the PNC would support the NPP in any election would be making a fool of himself or herself.
He added that Mr Asante personally could not decide to root for the NPP in the event of a run-off.
He called for hard work from the rank and file of the PNC to ensure that the party made a positive impact in the elections.

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