Friday, August 22, 2008


EVEN though prostitutes have been kept out of the magnificent Golden Tulip Kumasi City Hotel since its rebirth less than a year ago, a number of them still operate in the area adjacent the hotel.
Unlike in the past when the women operated in the hotel itself, this time round they use the shoulders of the road close to the hotel in the night to solicit for customers.
They would make all manner of signs to attract drivers using the road in the night.
It is not only the area close to the hotel that the women operate at. Their activities stretch to the area around the Vienna City Nite Club at Nhyiaeso.
It is an eyesore to see ladies, some of them passing for teenagers standing along the road, ready to do business with men.
A visitor to the Golden Tulip Kumasi City Hotel who spoke to the Daily Graphic in Kumasi on Monday commended the management of the hotel for the measures it had taken to keep prostitutes out of the facility.
The visitor narrated how prostitutes harassed customers of the former City Hotel in the past, and said the sanity that prevailed at the hotel now underlined the importance of privatisation.
Prostitution in Kumasi may not be at par with what prevails in Accra but it is a fact that the practice remains a canker that needs to be tackled by the authorities.
Apart from the areas close to the Golden Tulip City Hotel and the Vienna City, there are other spots where the activity is vibrant.
In the run up to the Africa Cup of Nations tournament (Ghana 2008), the police mounted an exercise to round up prostitutes as part of efforts to stop them from creating a bad name for the city.
However, no serious effort has been made to crack down on the women and men who patronise their activities since the tournament ended.
The police and the city authorities know where the prostitutes operate and it is important for them to move into action to stop them.

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