Monday, August 25, 2008


TWO guards with a private security company in Kumasi are facing trial for robbery and defilement allegedly committed in the house where they were performing guard duties.
One of the suspects, Emmanuel Adjare, 22, is facing four counts of conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery, and conspiracy to commit defilement and defilement.
The other guard, David Aweh, 29, is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.
Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges and are on remand to reappear in court.
A third person, identified only as Ali, is on the run and the police have mounted a search for him.
The Police said Adjare and Aweh worked with Mangadah Security Company in Kumasi.
For some time now the suspects had been performing duties on the premises of a certain woman.
According to the police, the two guards and Ali conspired to steal from the house.
At around 10.30 p.m. on August 7, Adjare who was off-duty and his friend, Ali, went to the house at the time Aweh was the one on duty.
During that period, the owner of the house, had travelled leaving her 14-year-old house help.
According to the police, it was Aweh who informed Adjare and Ali about the absence of the woman.
Adjare entered the premises wearing a mask to conceal his identity, since he was well-known in the vicinity, while Ali carried a knife.
They walked to the window of the room in which the girl was sleeping and called her with the false information that they had been sent by her mistress to deliver a message to her.
Immediately the girl opened the door they dragged her to the living room where Adjare forcibly had sex with her, with Ali threatening to kill her if she dare shout.
When Adjare completed the action, Ali also dragged the girl to the bedroom of the woman and sexually abused her.
The girl bled from the act but she managed to walk to the nearby Ridge Police Station to lodge a complaint.
Ali and Adjare, after the act, took away GH¢1,080, a DVD player and perfume belonging to the owner of the house.
Police investigations later led to the arrest of Adjare and Aweh.

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