Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AUTHORITIES of the Kumasi Cheshire Home heaved a sigh of relief following the support extended to the home by a Danish international non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Danish Children's Fund.
The organisation has spent $10,000 on a number of projects, which have brought some relief to the centre.
The Kumasi Cheshire Home, a private institution established in 1986 to rehabilitate recovered adult psychiatric patients, had not seen any major rehabilitation of facilities since that time.
The residents, as the recovered psychiatric patients are called, had been stigmatised and discriminated against while living with their families and often relapsed. It was, therefore, a blessing to the centre when the Danish Children's Fund rehabilitated the home this year.
With the completion, officials said the home was poised to improve on its activities.
Mr Owusu Adjei, the administrator of the home, explained that the projects undertaken by the NGO were the re-roofing of the main block, painting of the entire premises, provision of 50 students’ beds and 50 mattresses, installation of new locks for the doors, installation of toilet facilities and rewiring.
The rest included provision of other lighting systems, provision of furniture, stationery and food items, and the fumigation of residences against bed bugs.
Mr Adjei commended the Danish Children's Fund for the support and expressed the hope that other organisations and individuals would respond favourably to their appeal for help.
He stated that the rehabilitated people included a doctor, nurses, teachers and pastors who had been trained to live economically sustainable lives.
Currently, the home has 55 residents while about 300 people have successfully passed out.

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