Sunday, August 24, 2008


INFORMATION officers in the Ashanti Region have attended a day’s briefing in Kumasi to prepare them for a two-week public education campaign to be undertaken by the officers in the areas of health, education, finance, telecommunication and other areas of national development.
Addressing the officers, the Regional Director of the Information Services Department (ISD), Mr Lawrence Asamoah, stressed the need for them to ensure that the people understood government policies and programmes through effective education.
He stated that it was important for the people to understand government policies better in order to minimise misinformation in the system.
Mr Asamoah mentioned the National Health Insurance Scheme the school feeding programme, the capitation grant, micro finance and small loans scheme and the free maternal health care package as some of the areas that would be highlighted during the education campaign.
The regional director said the public needed to feel the impact of the department’s work at the time the government had done much for the service by resourcing it to deliver its mission.
He recalled the past when the entire Ashanti Region had only two cinema vans for public education, noting with satisfaction that the region could now boast 22 vans, adequate personnel and other logistics.
Mr Asamoah cautioned the officers against identifying openly with any political party as that could undermine their work as civil servants.
“You should remain neutral in your work and present only the facts,” he said.
He expressed the hope that the officers would live up to expectation to justify the government’s expenditure on the department.

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